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Aera announces strong financial results for 2021

financials results

Aera Group SAS is pleased to release its 2021 financial statements highlighting a strong growth of all business lines (carbon origination, trading & advisory) and a robust financial performance overperforming expectations. Key indicators stand as follows:

-Annual turnover: €15m (+154% Vs 2020)
-EBIT : €3,7m (+186% Vs 2020)
-PAT : €2,6m (+178% Vs 2020)

Aera growth is supported by positive market fundamentals. The climate crisis is at the heart of the international, national, and local agendas which translate into more stringent regulation. It is also a source of major concerns for a large part of the business community creating a strong momentum for investment decisions.

Consequently, the demand for carbon credits origination and trading as well as carbon footprint & reduction strategies is increasing at high pace. As a recent example, the voluntary carbon markets have tripled size in 2021 passing the €1 bn value mark.

Carbon prices reflect the same trajectory with a significant rise throughout 2021: airlines eligible carbon units (CORSIA) jumped +286% while nature-based solutions credits have seen a +147% increase.

In this context, Aera had performed a record year for its trading activities. The combination of larger transacted volume and increased price, made a cumulative growing effect:
-5 Mt of CO2 equivalent were delivered in 2021 (+445% Vs 2020)
-41 kt average volume size per transaction (Vs 6,6 kt in 2020)
-€8.50 record selling price last year (Vs €4,69 in 2020)

Aera also increased its overall advisory sales number, generating 1.6 M€ gross revenues in 2021 and conducting 91 on-going assignments.

To sustain a fast growth, Aera reinforced its workforce and hired a deputy CEO, a CFO and a compliance officer. Aera also invested significantly to digitalize its back-office through acquisition and deployment of software’s, data visualization, e-contracts, IT support line.

In 2021, Aera also welcomed a new shareholder – Arise IS – which now detains 35% of the company shares. Aera enhanced its governance by establishing an executive committee and a supervisory board.

Aera Group SAS also raised its financial reporting with the appointment of PwC France as statutory auditor.

Finally, Aera’s General Assembly decided by unanimous vote to raise the capital of Aera Group SAS to €1,000,000.

About Aera :
Aera is the largest developer and trader of African carbon credits. Aera holds a portfolio of 55 Mt of CO2 equivalent originated from 50+ projects in 20 African countries. The current carbon book position represents an estimated market value of €550m.

Press Contact : Alexandre Gouble :