Aera offers a direct access to a wide range of environmental products originated from Africa to international buyers. Aera focuses on upstream offtake opportunities and structured 550+ transactions derived from its proprietary portfolio.

Sales order book


As part of its trading activity, Aera relies on a variety of transaction solutions to monetize environmental products.

Contractual Agility

  • Spot & forward contracts, fixed and floating price structures
  • Prepayment and offtake prefinancing solutions
  • OTC settlement & platform clearing

Back-Office Support

  • Registry and standards communication
  • Strong focus on execution, proven by volume and timeline performance
  • Supply diversification, hedging strategies, portfolio management & reporting

Transaction Execution

  • Buyers in North America, Asia, Europe, MENA
  • Compliance, KYC, credit screening & monitoring process


Aera operates in four environmental markets: carbon (VERs – VCS, GS, GCC – Art6 ERs, CORSIA), renewables (I-REC electricity, I-TRACK hydrogen, I-TRACK biogas, plastic (WCC collection, WRC recycling) and water (water benefit certificates).

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