Aera identifies projects that have positive environmental impacts in Africa and support related certification to generate additional revenues.

Aera is a pionner of carbon finance in Africa and has a long established track record for environmental commodities origination across the continent

  • First ever carbon project certification completed in 11 sub-Saharan countries
  • Record number of African projects registration under Gold Standard & Verra VCS
  • Pioneer registration of GCC in Africa
  • Record number of verifications & successful issuances in Africa (150+)
  • 89% of average issuance volume performance (Vs ex-ante forecasts)
  • Assessments of 500+ projects
  • Record timeline to complete certification process

Aera offers origination services as part of its transactional comprehensive solution. Aera relies on a dedicated technical team with season engineers holding unrivalled expertise related to environmental commodities certification. From project identification to validation, registration, monitoring, verification and issuance, Aera support clients certification process with a strong commitment on quality check, timeline and performance.

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