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Man&Man Improved Cooking Stoves Programme in Ghana

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Project Name : Man&Man Ghana

Project owner : Man&Man

The mission is to reduce wood fuel consumption used to cook meals, and reduce deforestation and associated CO2 emissions.

Michael Yaw Agyei is a social entrepreneur addressing the issue of charcoal consumption and deforestation in Ghana. He founded Man and Man company with the aim of producing and distributing efficient cooking stoves to reduce the daily use of charcoal and the associated spending for vulnerable households.

Improved cookstoves halve fuel wood domestic consumption, decreasing dependence on a scarce resource, saving time and reducing the expenditure of fuel wood. Besides being one of the main cause of deforestation in Africa, cooking fuels release smoke emissions and their burden of disease associated with household air pollution and improves well-being, especially for women and children. Man and Man cookstoves programme has installed more than 330,000 efficient cookstoves to date, representing over a million beneficiaries. Over 60 permanent technical jobs are employed for the assembly of Man & Man cookstoves, including training and capacity development (besides numerous positions in marketing and distribution).

Man & Man Enterprise (M&M) was founded in 2007 by Michael Yaw Agyei. To date more than 140,000 families have benefited from M&M improved cookstoves. M&M is succesfully running 2 carbon programs yielding more than 400,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduction per year. Their factory is located in Kumasi. The site employs 175 staff (for both sales and production), and can produce 30,000 stoves per month.


93% of households use wood fuel for their energy requirements.

The project reduces expenses from wood fuel purchase so it will improve households’ financial capacity to better provide to other basic needs.

In 2018 alone, Ghana lost over half of it’s rainforest.

The project which reduces wood fuel consumption will reduce this destruction.

Traditional stoves (open fire three stone) makes difficult to control the fire and increases the risks of fires hazard.

The new stoves reduces all of these risks with a new design making it more user friendly and safe to use.

Traditional stoves produces harmful smokes.

The project reduces indoor air pollution and so the risk of respiratory diseases.

CSR Action


Man & Man distributes stoves at subsidized price for women above 50 in their community and they plan to build a mechanize borehole in order to have a good drinking water.

Heath care

Man & Man built houses for the workers and provide them with free health care.


Man & Man is training the unemployed youth in their community which has help them reduce the unemployment rate and have tremendously increase their production volumes.