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Aussenkehr Solar PV


Project Name: Alcon

Project owner: InnoSun

Standard: Verra VCS

Project ID: 1959

Namibia has long been at the mercy of electricity imports from South Africa and other countries across the region (60% of their energy needs). In order to reduce this dependency, reforms have been undertaken in an attempt to attract independent power producers (IPPs) into Namibia’s power sector.

It is in this context that the Aussenkehr Solar PV project was developed by a joint venture between InnoSun and Aussenkehr Energy Investment – a local company 100% Namibian owned by PDN (Previously Disadvantaged Namibians).

The plant is located near Aussenkehr on the banks of the Orange River, on the border with South Africa which is one of the sunniest place on earth. It is composed of 19,440 photovoltaic modules allowing Namibia to add more diversification into their energy mix. The country aims to add 70% of renewable energy into their mix by 2030.

InnoSun (subsidiary of Innovent) is a French independant company that builds and operates wind and solar farms in Africa (20% of their turnover).
For over a decade, they have worked to address the issues relating to development, construction and operation of wind power plant. It is an experienced company which has earned its place in the renewable energy sector.


Namibia faces significant energy shortage, and has only been able to meet its energy needs through costly energy imports.

The project contributes to increase generation capacity in Namibia and reduces import’s costs.

The plant reduces carbon emissions by producing green, emission-free electricity.

15,000 tCO2 are avoided each year, supplying 18,000 people with green electricity.

Innovent used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project made the promotion of employment and skills development during construction (50 jobs created) and operation (6 permanent local technicians).

Namibia’s energy mix is mainly composed of energy fossil fuel.

The plant is providing positive demonstration effects for solar development in Namibia and neighboring countries.

CSR Action

Solar Panel

Innovent is committed to work with governments by offering and installing solar panels for the local communities to help them meet their energy needs. Innovent has made more than €1500,000 in donations.


Innovent also supports the music project Muzukidz in communities in southern Africa, giving violin courses to kids promoting well-being and integration in the society.


Innovent funds the reforestation of lands. The reforested area allows some animal species to find refuge and to flourish again.