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Press Release

Aera Lists The First Ever African Project Under The GCC Carbon Standard.


Aera Group, the largest originator and trader of African carbon credits is pleased to announce its successful listing of the 1st ever African project under the Global Carbon Council (“GCC”) standard.

The project features greenfield small run-of-river hydro sites (Rukakara V and Mushishito) in Rwanda. Aera has been appointed as technical advisor by Project developer Omnihydro, a subsidiary of Mauritius public listed sugarcane company Omnicane. Aera provided an end-to-end certification support. The team was headed by COO, Alexandre Dunod.

This landmark listing in Africa is a significant technical milestone for Aera as more than 250 projects are currently in the GCC pipeline worldwide. Aera has regularly pioneered carbon certification in the continent with the registration of first ever project’s activities in more than 11 Sub-Saharan African countries.

Aera holds the largest track record for carbon certification across the continent with a record number of projects registered and a record number of carbon credits issued under the major international standards (Verra VCS, Gold Standard, UNFCCC,..)

The GCC, an initiative of the Gulf Organization for Research and Development (GORD), is a voluntary carbon offsetting program that aims to assist corporations reduce their carbon footprints, help sectoral economy to diversify by adopting low-carbon pathways and catalyze climate actions on ground.

Alexandre Dunod, COO of Aera Group: “This is the first African project to enter the Global Carbon Council certification pipeline and we are proud to be pioneering this new emission reduction label with Omnihydro, another landmark achievement in our track record on the continent. Aera Group has always been at the forefront of climate change mitigation financing venues for the region and remains committed to expanding its leading portfolio of 50+ projects in 20 countries to date”