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Kahone Solar PV Plant


Project Name: Kahone Solar PV Plant

Project owner: Energy Resources Senegal

Standard: Verra VCS

Project ID: 1683

In July 2012, President Macky Sall implemented the guidelines of Senegal’s new energy policy based on the diversification of their energy mix and the use of renewable energy.

The country is taking full advantage of its excellent solar potential with an annual irradiation of 2,000 kwh per m² with the construction of numerous Solar PV plants.

Kahone is the fourth grid-connected solar PV project in the country and is operational since 2018. Located in the Kaolack region, state-of-the-art solar panels are installed on a 40 hectares land, providing 150,000 households with green electricity (a 25 years agreement has been signed with Senelec to sell them the electricity generated from the plant).

Kahone confirms the dynamic of diversification of the Senegalese energy mix, which until then had remained largely dependent on fossil fuels.

Established in 2013, Energy Resources Sénégal (ERS) is a Senegalese company which develops, builds and operates renewable energy project in the country. In 2020 they started the construction of a new solar PV plant (30MW) in Niakhar. They aim to set up 500 MW of green energy capacity by 2025.


Senelec (national electricity company) buys the kWh of thermal power plants 40% more than the kWh of photovoltaic plants.

The project helps to reduce the electricity bill of Senegalese households.

ERS used the local workforce to build the plan

The project hired more than 100 local people for the construction phase and relies on 15 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Around 70% of Senegal’s energy production comes from fossil fuels.

The project helps to reduce the gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy.

The plant was build through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

This project will strengthen the attractiveness of Senegal in the photovoltaic sector and contribute to the installation of a new source of employment.