Project Name: Kodeni

Project owner: Africa Ren

Standard: Gold Standard

Project ID: 10793

Access to clean and inexpensive energy is a priority of Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Energy, which aims to increase the national and rural electrification rates by 45% and 19% respectively by 2025.

The Government has signed a deal with Africa REN to build and operate Kodeni solar PV project.
The plant is located near Bobo-Dioulasso (2nd largest city in the country) and will be operationnal in Q3 2022.

For Bachir Ismaël Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso’s Minister of Energy, the Kodeni Solar project is «essential for the energy autonomy of Burkina Faso. Solar energy is the cheapest and most abundant source of electricity for the country.»

Once constructed, Kodeni will be the largest solar PV plant in the country and will supply more than 100,000 households with green electricity.

Africa REN develops and operates competitive and reliable clean infrastructure solutions to expand access to power and promote energy self-sufficiency in African countries. Africa REN operates mainly in West Africa with the ambition to build a portfolio of solar and storage assets with a capacity of 250 MW by 2024. These assets are connected to the grid, or are off-grid to supply commercial and industrial companies with clean electricity. Africa REN operates the first solar power plant in West Africa, in Bokhol, Senegal.

While the construction of Kodéni Solar is ongoing, Africa REN pursues its actions to benefit of the communities and the biodiversity, in particular with reforestation operations in Matourkou and Logofourousso (1,400 seedlings) as well as in the classified forest of Kuinima (700 seedlings), i.e. a total of 2,100 seedlings of 7 different species.


More than 500MW of capacity will be added to the grid by 2025 at a competitive price, to the benefit of the Burkinabe population.

The project helps to reduce the electricity bill of households.

The plant was built through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

This project will be the largest solar PV plant in the country.

Africa REN used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project is hiring 150 people for the construction phase and will rely on 30 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Solar accounts for 60% of the renewable energy generated in the country.

The country takes full advantage of this energy, the cheapest and most abundant in the country.

CSR Action


Construction of a maternity with equipment, latrines, accommodations and solar electrification and acquisition of an ambulance.


Construction of a building for the civil registry office, as well as its computer system.

Salle de classe

Construction of classrooms electrified with solar energy.