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Bugoye 13.0 MW Run-of-River Hydropower Project

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Project Name : Bugoye

Project owner : Berkeley Energy

The Bugoye Hydro Power Plant is located at the extreme west of Uganda, in the Kaesese region, near the Rwenzori mountains in which flows the Mubuku river.
Operating since 2009 the plant is a pure run-of-river hydro power plant with a capacity of 13MW, and an annual mean generation of 82GWh. An increase of 7% of the electricity total production in the country.
This eco-friendly project is a great example of the fight against global warming in a country in whose the electrical network is mostly powered by fossil fuels.
The construction of the plant had created 500 jobs most of them occupied by Ugandan.
The electrical energy created by the Bugoye plant is feeding its energy into the main grid at the Nkenda Substation via a 6km long, 33kV transmission line. It provides a green electricity to 900,000 Ugandan (300,000 of them living under the poverty line).
Its positive impact on local population doesn’t stop here. Indeed, this construction regulates the power of the river and so the risks of floods in the nearby towns during the rainy season.


The electricity grid in Uganda relies partly on fossil fuels.

The project has shown that small scale hydropower can improve energy security, air quality, local livelihoods and sustainable renewable energy development.

The plant was built through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

The project was constructed with modern technology which are of a higher standard than many power plants in Uganda.

Berkeley Energy used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project hired 150 people for the construction phase and relies on 5 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Uganda is a country where only 30% of the population has access to electricity.

The project had increase by 7% the production of electricity in the country, with an affordable and rewewable energy.

CSR Action


Berkeley Energy took an initiative to procure assorted tool kits for members of the community. The tools donated helped to improve the skills and the economic wellbeing of the beneficiaries.


Berkeley Energy donated parts to construct a bridge that connected the village of Izinga to the main access road. The bridge has reduced the risk of children drowning in the river.

Heath care

Since 2016, Berkeley Energy has supported the Bugoye Health center, contributing to its power bills.