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Outapi Solar PV Farm


Project Name: Outapi

Project owner: Innovent

Standard: Verra VCS

Project ID: 1766

The project consists in the construction and operation of a greenfield 8.5 MW solar power plant near Outapi, the regional capital of Omusati region, Namibia. Outapi region currently uses about 12 MW of electricity for households and businesses. Thanks to this plant 5 of them will be generated locally.
Apart from emission reductions, the benefits of the project comprise, among others, improvement of energy self-sufficiency of the country, as well as the creation of local employment.

At the premise of the project was, Camelthorn Business Ventures a Namibian company established in 2011 in order to develop impact investing in Namibia in the fields of real estate and infrastructures. Camelthorn has always believed that social, environmental and commercial goals can be successfully synthetized into sustainable business dynamics. In accordance with this perspective, they work side by side with the local communities. The goal of their social programs is not charity but to increase the quality of life in the long-run by promoting high education and local entrepreneurship.
In 2020, Innovent a French independant company building and operating wind and solar farms in Africa bought the project from Camelthorn. Their objective is to double the capacity production of the plant by adding new solar panels.

For more than a decade, Innovent have worked to address the issues relating to development, construction and operation of wind power plant. They are an experienced company which has earned its place in the renewable energy sector. They were already present in Namibia since 2011.


Namibia faces significant energy shortage, and has only been able to meet its energy needs through costly energy imports.

The project contributes to increase generation capacity in Namibia and reduces import’s costs.

The plant reduces carbon emissions by producing green, emission-free electricity.

9,300 tCO2 are avoided each year, supplying 3,000 households with green electricity.

Local workforce was used to build the plant.

The project made the promotion of employment and skills development during construction and operation.

Namibia’s energy mix is mainly composed of energy fossil fuel.

The plant is providing positive demonstration effects for solar development in Namibia and neighboring countries.

CSR Action

Salle de classe

Innovent is giving back 10% of the revenues to the Outapi Community for building classroom.

Heath care

These revenues are also used to provide medicine supply and elderly care.


Innovent, is helping to build a school of nursing in the Outapi region allowing the student to stay in their home region to be trained.