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Foumbouni-Mitsamiouli Solar Farm


Project Name: Foumbouni-Mitsamiouli Solar Farm

Project owner: Innovent

Standard: Verra VCS

Project ID: 3788

Foumbouni and Mitsamiouli are two solar farms located in the Comoros on the island of Grande Comore.

Located in the south of the Island, Foumbouni is operating since 2021. Mitsamiouli park is curruntly under construction and is expected to be operational in Q2 2024.

Today, electricity production in the Comoros is mainly based on hydrocarbon generators. In addition to using fossil fuels, this system is not enough to power the country, where the rate of access to electricity does not exceed 50%. With their capacity of 4 MWp each, the two solar power plants represents aroud a 20% increase in the electricity production of the Union of Comoros.

Thanks to their trackers (the panels follow the sun) and a Tesla battery device, the plants are also able to produce at night. Indeed, without batteries, the panels do not have the function capacity in isolation. They produce energy with the energy they receive from the sun. If this energy is not used, it is lost, and when there is no sun, no electricity is produced. The use of batteries thus makes it possible to store electricity produced during the day, when it exceeds demand, and then to re-inject it into the grid at the time of peak consumption. This allows a great flexibility of the grid, while regulating the energy input on it. Batteries act as “buffer” between the solar farm and consumers.

Regarding the Mitsamiouli plant, it is located on an open landfill. Unfortunately, this land is unsuitable for any agricultural use.

Both plants are significantly improve the quality of life of the population by developing access to electricity in a sustainable way, in a country where this resource is lacking to ensure stable economic and social development.

In addition, for the construction, Innovent hired local companies contributing to employment and skills transfer.

For more than a decade, Innovent have worked to address the issues relating to development, construction and operation of wind power plant. They are an experienced company which has earned its place in the renewable energy sector with more 40 solar and wind farm in 11 African countries.


10,080 solar panels each are installed on 30 trackers that allow the panels to follow the course of the sun

This system can produce up to 25% more energy than fixed panels

The projects represents around 20% of electricity production in the country.

The project’s will a power generation of 12.7 GWh per plant per year.

Innovent used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project hired hired local companies contributing to employment and skills transfer. and relies on local people for the maintenance.

The plant was built through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

The project helps the island to reduce their fuel consumption from electricity production.