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Support the first ever wind farm in Mauritania

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Project Name : Nouakchott

Project owner : Somelec

The Nouakchott plant is the first wind farm in the country, supplying an equivalent of 140,000 people with green electricity. Mauritania wanted to achieve 20% of renewable energy in their energy mix by 2020, the Nouakchott farm helped reach this goal. The project features 15 turbines installed on 1,000 ha uncoccupied land. It allows the country to reduce fossil fuel importation. The plant supplies 14% of the electricity’s need of Nouakchott, Mauritania capital city.

Somelec is the national electricity provider in Mauritania. They ensure the production, distribution and marketing of electrical energy on the national territory. Their mission is to develop the supply of green electrecity across the country. In 2020 they achieved a first milestone with 20% of their energy mix coming from green energy.


Mauritania grid is mainly powered by fossil fuel and imports.

The project develops green electricity and reinforce energy supply sovereignty.

The plant was build through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

The project allowed to install the first wind energy plant in the country.

Somelec used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project has The project hired 100 people for the construction phase and relies on 10 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Mauritania targeted 20% of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix from by the year 2020.

The project helped the country to reach its target by producing their own green electricity.