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Eastern DRC Cookstove Project


Project name: South Kivu

Project owner: POWA

Standard: Verra VCS

Project ID: 2636

This program launched by OBEN in 2020 aims to reduce woodfuel consumption used to cook meals, and reduce deforestation and associated CO2 emissions. In ordrer to achieve theses objectives, efficient cookstoves are distributed and installed in households.

These new cookstoves will help users to slash down their budget allocated to wood fuel purchase. On an another hand it will enhance food security by releasing budget to buy more diversified food and it will protect stoves users from harmful smoke.

OBEN is a local NGO with a solid track record, active in climat projects for more than 15 years and already operating 5 successfull carbon programs. They employs 350 staff and generates $2m of turnover per year. Their production facility is located in Bujumbura.

The site stretchs across 6 hectares and features 3 lines of production for the stoves. A fleet of 14 vehicles is dedicated to supply & deliveries. 


Congo houses half of the African forest and is loosing more than 400,000 ha of trees per year

The project avoids deforestation

Traditional stoves uses a lot of wood fire to produce heat and cook the meals

The new stoves reduces by 50% the consumption of wood fire.

Traditional stoves (open fire three stone) makes difficult to control the fire and increases the risks of fires hazard

The new stoves reduces all of these risks with a new design making it more user friendly and safe to use

Traditional stoves produce harmful smokes

The project reduces indoor air pollution and related risk to respiratory diseases.

CSR Actions


OBEN started a tree nursery to seed trees for replanting. To date, 300 hectares have been replanted.

Salle de classe

OBEN invests in the «energy efficiency school program » for wich efficient stoves are installed in schools thus reducing the children budget for lunch.


OBEN is a labor intensive NGO providing jobs to 350 people. Each employee follows a four weeks annual trainee program.