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Small-Scale Hydropower Project Sahanivotry in Madagascar

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Project Name : Sahanivotry

Project owner : Tozzi Green

Sahanivotry is a small run of river hydro plant and the first independent hydro plant developed by a private sector company in Madagascar. Sahanivotry power plant is expected to generate up to 70,000 MWh of power per year, thereby reducing Madagascar’s reliance on more expensive thermal power plants, as well as more expensive imported fuel.
The government of Madagascar has identified hydro power generation as the preferred method of electricity generation for the country, given the abundance of smaller rivers throughout the country

Tozzi Green is a company specialized in solutions, services and projects for the development of plants and the generation of energy from renewable resources. It is known for its forward-looking innovative ideas and solutions.
Tozzi Green’s project in Madagascar started and developed from the synergy between different experiences and cultures with the purpose of helping business and the region to grow economically and socially.


In the past five years, demand for electricity in Madagascar has grown at an annual average rate of approximately 7%.

The project is expected to help the country meet its increasing demand for power reliably and in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

This is the country’s first privately owned and operated hydro power project.

The project has the potential to pave the way for attracting additional private capital investment flows for infrastructure development in Madagascar.

Tozzi Green used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project hired local people for the construction phase and relies on 17 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Through this project and their action, Tozzi Green is helping the region.

The project is expected to include benefits to trade and tourism, as well as the agricultural and industrial sectors due to reliable electricity supply.

CSR Action


Tozzi green created a program of reforestation of 40,000 trees on the project site and extends employment opportunities to local people.


Construction of a modern hospital with free medical visit (75,000 visit / year) and supply of free medicine for children (11,000 children cared for).

Water access

Construction of drinking water distribution points which provide 12,000 litres of drinking water per day