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Grid-Connected Solar PV Project in Bokhol


Project Name : Bokhol

Project owner : Africa Ren

Standard: Verra VCS

Project ID: 1774

Bokhol is a solar PV project developped by Africa REN. It’s the first ever solar project activity in Senegal and the first large West African solar IPP.

The project saves $5 million per year on energy spending for the government, since the country runs on CO2-intensive and expensive fuel such as diesel, coal and gas.

The development, structuring and financing were concluded in 12 months by the project owner : a record !

It was awarded « Best Renewable Energy Project of the Year 2017 » by the Africa IFA.

Africa REN develops and operates competitive and reliable solar power plants and storage solutions to expand access to power and promote energy self-sufficiency of African countries. They target complex environments where the company has acquired cutting-edge expertise.

The company has set up an ESG Charter to guide and frame its action in order for that communities are stakeholders in the projects. The local acceptability and sustainability of projects are essential elements in evaluating their activity over the long term. 

COVID 19 – During the pandemic, Africa REN donated food to support the population of the Bokhol Municipality. The central has put in place all the necessary measures to fight against covid while respecting the conditions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health.


Senelec (national electricity company) buys kWh of thermal power plants 40% more expensive than the kWh of photovoltaic power plants.

The project helps to reduce the electricity bill of Senegalese households.

Africa Ren used the local workforce to build the plan

The project hired 150 local people for the construction phase and relies on 25 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Around 70% of Senegal’s energy production comes from fossil fuels.

The project helps to reduce the gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy.

The plant was build through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

The project was the first to introduce sizable solar PV technology, and associated skills in Senegal

CSR Action


Africa REN constructed 2 schools and 5 classrooms electrified with solar energy They set up a solar energy training program for the local youths (45 trainees).

Aid kit

Part of the project’s revenues are allocated to local communities, notably for investments in health, education and agriculture.


Africa REN installed & maintained independent solar kits and street lamps for the community (15 of each).