ALCON small-scale solar PV plant at Aussenkehr, Namibia-South African border

Alcon is a 70/30 joint-venture between InnoSun and Aussenkehr Energy Investment - a local company 100% Namibian owned by PDN (Previously Disadvantaged Namibians) and avoids an equivalent to 15,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The project consists of the construction and operation of a greenfield 6.318 MWp solar power plant (19,440 photovoltaic modules mounted on a 1-axis tracking system) near Aussenkehr, on the banks of the Orange River, Karasburg district in Namibia, at the border with South Africa.

Namibia imports over 60% of its energy from the Southern African Power Pool, dominated by fossil-fuel-fired power plants, thus the project’s power generation per year will result in 150,000 tCO2/year of emission reductions over the ten years crediting period.

  • Affordable & clean energy
  • Climate action
  • Industry, innovation & infrastructure