Support the largest hydro plant ever built in Ivory Coast

Project Name : Soubré

Key Facts

270 MW installed capacity
600,000 T CO2 saved / year
120 villages newly electrified
Verra VCS ID 1522


Project owner : CI-Energies

Soubré hydropower plant is a game changer in Côte d’Ivoire to reach a low carbon energy mix in the country. Located on the Sassandra river at about 5 km far from Soubré city in Côte d'Ivoire. This run-of-river hydropower plant producing 1,170 GWh of electricity on average per year substitutes fossil-fuel intensive grid-electricity and cut down GHG emissions

The government targets 34% of renewable energy production by 2020. Soubré is a strong milstone toward the fullfilment of this national strategy. Thanks to this project, the country was able to increase it’s electrical power by 10%.

CI-Energies is the national grid company from Côte d’Ivoire. Their mission is that 100% of Ivorians have access to electricity (94% to date). CI-Energies emphasize on renewable energy production with 4 projects being developped until 2022.


Thanks to the plant 120 villages in the Mountains district have now access to electricity

The local population can now live a modern life using green electricity.

The price of the kilowatt is 20 F CFA from Soubre vs 55 F CFA from other source of energy.

The project helps the sector to find their financial balance.

CI-Energies used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project hired more than 4,000 people (directly and indirectly) for the construction phase and relies on 50 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Through this project and their action, CI-Energies is helping the region.

The project helps the San Pedro region to have a revival of activity, more people are now working and living in this area.

CSR Action

Creation of a 200 ha biodiversity conservation area (largest area in Africa). This land will also run a program to raise awareness about biodiversity protection.
Protection of the National Par of Taï by offering 2 trucks, 1 motorcycle and awareness panel.

Construction in the nearby villages of 5 schools, 3 medical centers, housing and a sports complex. Installation of village pumps that allows 6,000 persons to have access to clean water.

Creation of a dedicated fishing area for the local community and the Soubré fish market that will allows them to generate more revenues.