About us

Aera is the largest originator and trader of African carbon credits. We operate in 10+ countries across the continent and hold a portfolio amounting €250 M market value.

At the premise of Aera Group were Fabrice le Saché, Aurélie Lepage and Alexandre Dunod, three French nationals, that acted together to create in 2015 an independent trading company aimed at generating additionnal revenues for climate projects in Africa.

From the very beginning the founders vision was to set up a one-stop-shop for African project developers. As a result Aera established itself as a platform with advisory resources to support environmental certification processes and trading expertise to value and monetize the resulting assets.

Since 2015, our team set numerous groundbreaking achievements in Africa:
-Record number of projects registered under Verra VCS, Gold Standard, and the CDM.
-First ever carbon activity registered in 11 countries.
-Largest number of verification and issuances completed.
-Record volume of carbon transaction closed.
-Largest carbon portfolio of the continent.

In March 2021, Aera founders sold a 35% stake of the company to Arise IS (joint venture between OLAM and AFC) based on a valuation of €28.5 M.

Financial Statements

Aera appointed PwC France as statutory auditor. Our financial statements are published regularly and can be downloaded in the following section.