About us

Climate action needs cash. As the largest independent trader of environmental certificates in Africa we generate revenues for climate projects across the continent.

Aera was founded in 2015 as a pure originator and trader of CO2 emissions reduction certificates (also known as carbon credits). From the very beginning we differentiated ourselves by offering an extended trading approach helping project developers with in-house and on-ground carbon certification support services. Our dedicated certification team ensures that volumes are optimized to best reflect the environmental performance of each project and that deliveries are right on time. The combination of our engineering skills and trading expertise guarantees a regular revenue flow for project developers and a long-term supply security for buyers.

Since 2015, we set numerous groundbreaking achievements. We registered the record number of African projects under the most recognized international carbon certification standards (Verra VCS, Gold Standard, UNFCCC CDM), we pioneered carbon trading in 11 countries, we successfully completed the largest number of carbon credits issuances and crafted some of the most innovative transactions across the continent. To date, we own Africa’s first portfolio of CO2 emissions reduction certificates spanning all class of products (VCU, GS-VER, CER) and technologies (renewables, energy efficiency or waste treatment...) across the continent.

In 2020, we extended our trading lines beyond carbon products by adding Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) in our offer. We also started to build a portfolio of nature-based solutions dedicated to biodiversity protection with a specific target on avoided deforestation and reforestation activities.

In 2021, Aera founders sold a 35% stake of the company based on a valuation of 28.5 M€ to ARISE IS, a JV formed by Singapore publicly-listed agro-industrial group OLAM ($30 bn annual turnover) and the African Finance Corporation ($8.4 bn funds invested in 30 African countries).