Aera is the largest independent originator and seller of African environmental products.Aera monetizes carbon credits, renewable energy certificates, plastic credits and water benefit units to international buyers.

Revenues generated for projects in Africa:

€40+ million


Aera holds the largest portfolio of environmental products in Africa spanning 35+mtCO2 of carbon credits generated by projects developed across the continent.

The portfolio comprises community based activities (clean cooking, clean lighting, clean water access, plastic collection, plastic recycling), renewable energy projects (solar PV, wind farm, small hydro, large hydro, biomass, off-grid) and e-mobility programs (e-bikes, e-cars, e-buses).

46 projects

19 countries

150+ counterparties

Aera in a nutshell

  • French private limited liability company by shares
  • Headquarter office in Paris
  • Established in 2015
  • Staff comprising 15 employees
  • Management owned company
  • Member of the Project Developer Forum (PD Forum)
  • Annual Financial Statements Audited by PwC France

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