We are Climate finance entrepreneurs
Who we are
First carbon finance company in Africa
We are climate finance entrepreneurs. In 2015, we founded Aera Group with the aim of accelerating the dissemination of low carbon technologies in Africa thanks to carbon finance.

Since the Kyoto Protocol, the avoidance of CO2 emissions in developing countries can be rewarded with carbon credits. These certificates can be monetized and traded to generate additional revenues for CO2 mitigation projects on ground.

From the very beginning, we decided to focus on the African continent where demographic and economic growth yield opportunities and where the consequences of global warming are already damaging ecosystems.

After three years of operations, Aera Group helped a record number of African projects to get carbon certification (+43 projects in 19 countries) and has become the largest trader of carbon credits across the continent.

The founders

Fabrice Le Saché
Aurélie Lepage

Born in Africa

Creation of Ecosur Afrique in Mauritus
Creation of Ecosur Afrique Côte d'Ivoire
Creation of Ecosur Afrique DRC
Creation of Ecosur Investment
Ecosur Afrique becomes Aera Group and incorporates new global headquarters in France