Carbon Credits Delivered by Aera Group to Dutch Power Company Eneco
TRADING | Carbon Credits Delivered by Aera Group to Dutch Power Company Eneco

Friday 8th of April. Paris – RotterdamAera, the leading carbon finance group in Africa (+40 projects in 17 countries), and Eneco, the largest sustainable energy company in The Netherlands (+4,2 billion € turnover), announce the completion of a first carbon credits delivery of 42,000 tons issued from Man and Man Efficient Cooking Stoves program in Ghana.

This important milestone rewards three years of project development and implementation in Kumasi region (North of Ghana) and paves the way for further deliveries. Eneco is committed to purchase forward a total of 350.000 tonnes of Voluntary Emissions Reduction (VER) until 2020.

Efficient cooking stoves directly contribute to reduce CO2 emissions by saving charcoal consumption one of the main causes of deforestation in Ghana. Emissions reductions are certified under the Gold Standard, a premium voluntary carbon label backed by +80 NGOs rewarding high social impacts carbon projects.

Jan-Willem Beukers, Head of the Carbon Desk Trading at Eneco: “It is important for a clean energy producer such as Eneco to support energy efficient programs. Global warming is a global issue and tackling this matter requires transnational action and international cooperation. Helping CO2 reduction in Ghana contributes to our overall corporate effort of mitigating climate change. Man and Man program goes also beyond carbon as it encompasses strong co-benefits such as significant spent cuts for households or less harmful smoke for women and children.”