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Ambatolampy 20 MW Solar PV Project

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Project Name : Ambatolampy

Project owner : Green Yellow

Ambatolampy solar PV plant is a pionner project and the first utility-scale of the country and operating since 2018. The plant provides green electricity to an equivalent of 50,000 households.

Madagascar is currently heavily reliant on imported fossil fuels currently consumed by thermal power station. Solar PV plant such as Ambatolampy, will not only expand access to renewable energy in Madagascar but they will also offer a more stable supply of energy.

The country’s objective is reaching 80 % of renewable in their energy mix by 2030 and improving its energy security.

GreenYellow is a major player, an expert in photovoltaics capable of leading a project from A to Z. They design the right facility to meet the needs of the population. They handle financing, construction, and operation over time. Their oldest business is Photovoltaic solar (since 2017).
GreenYellow’s CSR policy has a set of 14 initiatives and 4 pillars. One of tem is to « Support local communities and institutions ». They  interact with local and national institutions, Promote and preserve local culture and heritage, Foster local solidarity partnerships.


In the past five years, demand for electricity in Madagascar has grown at an annual average rate of approximately 7%.

The project is expected to help the country meet its increasing demand for power reliably and in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner. 

The plant was build through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

The project was the first to introduce sizable solar PV technology, and associated skills in Madagascar.

Green Yellow used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project hired more than 80 people for the construction phase and relies on 10 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Through this project and their action, GreenYellow is helping the region.

The project is expected to include benefits to trade and tourism, as well as the agricultural and industrial sectors due to reliable electricity supply.

CSR Action

Salle de classe

Schools have been offered on-site and commented visits of the solar power plant. This action helps to promote renewable energy across the young generation.

Grass day

GreenYellow created the « Grass Day » when local farmers come to harvest acres of the plant in order to feed their cattle.

Fourniture scolaire

Distribution of school supplies and clothing gathered in France and Brazil.