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Support a reforestation program in Togo

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tCO2 saved / year

120k hectares

to be planted by 2030

1666 trees

planted per hectares

5 trees species

to be planted

Verra VCS

under registration


Project Name : PlanTogo

Project owner : Sequoia Plantations

The PlanTogo project aims to plant 120,000 hectares of forest plantations in Maritime, Plateaux and Centrale Regions of Togo, over a period of 10 years (starting in 2021). The main tree species to be planted are eucalyptus, khaya and gmelina, the project also considers the planting of other species such as bamboo and cashew.

The purpose of these plantations is to restore degraded lands in the short term and the sustainable production of goods and services in the long term, while contributing to local development and fight against climate change by sequestering CO2.

The main goals of the project are to switch land cover from non-forest to forest, to improve environmental and social conditions of rural areas, to improve local communities’ income and climate change mitigation.

The project developer, Sequoia Plantations Togo (SPT) will implement the plantations under two modalities; on their own lands and on communal or smallholders lands to who SPT will provide seedlings and technical assistance.