Aera is the largest independent trader of African carbon credits active in compliance and voluntary markets. We transact an annual volume of 10+ million tons of CO2 equivalent and hold a unique exclusive portfolio of 40+ projects in 15+ countries across the continent.

Aera trading team has unparalleled grasp of carbon markets globally working with 80+ trading counterparts. We mostly sell Over-The-Counter (OTC) directly to investment funds, utilities, financial institutions, commodity trading houses, sovereign funds, corporates and industries. We are active in the main carbon platforms and exchanges. Our marketing and diversified distribution provides access to the most dynamic markets and allows us to optimize positions and prices. Our sales are mostly Europe-based (60%) with a geographic reach increasing in Australia (25%), US/Canada (10%) and other regions (5%). Our team has also a strong ability to pioneer frontier markets and structure complex contracts. Aera was the first to conceive, develop and execute intra-African transactions. Our approach is always to follow clients specific needs with a high degree of flexibility on the commercial and legal terms.

On the supply side, we established longstanding relationships with high quality assets owner across Africa. Our portfolio spans best in class carbon projects including renewable energy, nature-based solutions, households energy efficiency, water access and waste treatment. We use all types of labelling –Verra VCS, Gold Standard, UNFCCC, GCC – and work on all types of segments – CO2 avoidance, CO2 sequestration, CO2 removal. We offer forward contracts with fixed prices to ensure long term revenues for project developers. We also provide floating structures to share market upside opportunities. Our contracts can include prefunding through prepayments to kick start projects.

Our analysts follow regulatory developments in all regions. We compile critical intelligence to access most appropriate markets for African offsets.

Our technical team – in-house pool of engineers with the leading track record in Africa – can provide support for the overall carbon certification process until carbon credits issuances.

Our trading activities have three performance indicators: growing revenues for projects, selecting the ones with most social impacts, ensuring financial performance.

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