Carbon Certification

Carbon certification is a pre-requisite to issue carbon credits. It is a complex mix of technical and administrative rules that ensure environmental integrity, transparency and effectiveness. We help you choose the right standard of certification and go through the complete process to secure a successful carbon credits issuance.

What carbon standard to choose?

They are dozens of carbon certification standards. Some of them are backed by the UN (such as the Clean Development Mechanism) others are private (such as the VCS-Verra program or the Gold Standard) but all of them rely on same concepts and methodologies. Differences come on the usage, on the acceptance of some technologies or countries, on the requirements for social and benefits for the communities, on the interaction with host countries authorities, on the rules of eligibility, on technical criteria or on registries for the transfer of the credits. The choice of certification also impacts the market arbitration opportunities and the selling price of carbon assets. It is a key choice as it spans the whole project’s lifetime.

Thanks to our unique portfolio Aera team has a unique experience with Gold Standard, CDM and VCS-Verra program in Africa.

How do we handle carbon certification ?

Carbon certification is both an administrative and technical process. It stretches into several steps featuring (i) project documentation drafting according to the guidelines and methodological requirements of the selected standard (ii) the stakeholder consultation (iii) the Project Design Document validation through on-site audit and in-house rounds of technical reviews until the issuance of Final Validation Report - FVR (iv) the submission of FVR for registration to the selected Standard (v) the monitoring of emissions reduction once the project has started operations (vi) the preparation of a monitoring report and the launch of a verification process when the issuance of carbon credits is asked for (vii) on-site audit for verification and in-house rounds of technical reviews until the issuance of a Final Verification Report – FVR (viii) the submission of FVR for carbon credits issuance into the project developer or buyer registry account.

We manage the whole process and provide technical support at each step. We draft the documentation based on the data provided by the project developer, we select the auditing firm for validation or verification, we coordinate and support on-site visits, we coordinate all technical answers during in-house technical rounds, we follow-up the entire administrative process to ensure project’s registration and carbon credits issuance.

Aera team as an unrivalled track record in Africa with a record number of successful carbon certification conducted and a record number of carbon credits issuances.


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