Renewable Energy

These certificates reward the production of renewable energy.

Aera trades renewable energy certificates. Our team structures and executes spot and forward transactions. We trade with an active network of corporates buyers and intermediaries.

Our portfolio of I-REC certificates comes from a hydro plant in Uganda, a wind farm in Morocco and solar PV sites in Namibia. We are extending our supply to enroll new countries and projects.

What is the I-REC attribute tracking system?

The I-REC attribute tracking system supports tracking compliance with governmental renewable energy requirements, as well as voluntary consumers to track and verify progress towards their environmental goals. This allows all I-REC system participants the ability to track attributes of (renewable) electricity production from its location of generation to its place of consumption. Items such as the location of the electricity generator, the type of primary energy input, the date of commissioning, the installed capacity, the volume of electricity produced and when the electricity was produced, are all factual attributes that can be tracked with the I-REC attribute tracking system.

Steps in creating an I-REC standard certificate

Step 1: Registering the generating facility with I-REC
Step 2: Producing renewable electricity
Step 3: Application for I-RECs
Step 4: Submitting meter readings
Step 5: Issuing I-RECs
Step 6: Accounts within the registry
Step 7: Trading of I-RECs
Step 8: Redemption of I-RECs
Step 9: Claiming the attributes of an I-REC

In which African countries are I-RECs available ?
I-REC are available in Morocco, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria, Chad, South Soudan, Somalia, DRC, Uganda and South Africa.

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