First ever solar PV project in the Indian ocean

Project Name : Bambous

Key Facts

15 MW solar power farm
21,000 T CO2 saved / year
62,800 solar panels installed
Verra VCS ID 1483


Project owner : Sarako

Support the first ever solar PV project in Mauritius supplying more than 20,000 people with green electricity. The project features state-of-the-art solar panels on the island of Mauritius. It allows the country to reduce coal and oil’s imports, and help Mauritius to achieve its « sustainable island » plan.

Electricity in Mauritius island is mainly generated from (imported) coal and heavy fuel oil. Continuation of current practice for power generation involves a significant share of fossil fuel consumption, including in capacity additions to meet the demand increase. Energy transition being crucial in such Small Island Developing States (SIDS) highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change; thus the Project paves the way in improving Mauritius energy self-sufficiency in line with “Maurice Ile Durable” vision.

Sarako is a local independent power producer, founded in 2013. It’s the first ever company to build, and operate a sizable solar PV plant in the Indian ocean. Their mission is to find a way to use solar energy in Mauritius and Southern Africa. Sarako from the very beginning decided to erect the site on a marginal land area that can’t be used for agriculture and residential purposes, they valorise the land and pays a lease to the state, contributing to reinforce the country’s incomes.


86% of Mauritius’ total primary energy comes from imported fossil fuels, with significant costs.

The project limits this importation and helps to save around €780,000 per year.

The plant was build through advanced technology transfer from industrialized countries.

The project was the first to introduce sizable solar PV technology, and associated skills in Mauritius.

Sarako used the local workforce to build the plant.

The project hired 300 people for the construction phase and relies on 20 permanent technicians to ensure operation and maintenance.

Mauritius « sustainable island » plan aims to achieve 35% of renewable energy in the island energy mix.

The project helps the island to reach its target by reducing the fuel consumption from electricity production.

CSR Action

Schools have been offered on-site and commented visits of the solar power plant. This action helps to promote renewable energy across the young generation of Mauritius.

Sarako sponsors social activities such as sport clubs. For example funding has been awarded for example to the local football club.

Sarako supports Bambous Regional District Council. One example of these action is the year end celebration night financial support.