Aera is a fast-growing French company that started activity in 2015 and since then build leadership in trading African environmental certificates.

At the premise of Aera Group were Fabrice le Saché, Aurélie Lepage and Alexandre Dunod, three French nationals, that acted together to create an independent trading company aimed at speeding cash for climate projects in Africa.

From the very beginning the founders vision was to set up a one-stop-shop for African project developers. As a result Aera established itself as a platform with advisory resources to support environmental certification processes and trading expertise to value and monetize these assets.


Aera signs its largest CO2 certificate purchase ($4.3M)

Aera founders sell a 35% stake to Arise IS (JV of OLAM and AFC) based on a 28.5 M€ valuation.


Aera signs its largest sale of CO2 emissions certificates (€2.7 M).

Aera signs its first ever Renewable Energy Certificate transaction (I-REC).

Aera launches water and nature-based certificates trading activities.


Aera reaches €10 M revenues generation for environmental projects in Africa.


Aera passes the mark of 1 million tons of CO2 emissions certificates delivered.


Aera achieves its 50th successful carbon certification, a record in Africa.


Aera extends its commercial coverage to +10 African countries.


Aera launches a pledged for a minimum guaranteed carbon floor price at COP21

Aera Group is established in Paris (France).