Key Facts

Since 2015, Aera built the largest portfolio of African environmental products and traded millions of tons of CO2 emissions reduction certificates.

As a market leader, Aera expands continuously by expanding its services and trading lines (carbon, renewable energy, biodiversity, water). Year by year, the company strengthens its execution capability : Aera regularly hires new talents, strongly invests in digitalization, enhances compliance standards and consolidates its capital structure.

Aera has been profitable since creation and look to maintain a profitable growth by increasing environmental performance and social impacts.

In 2021, Aera appointed PwC France as statutory auditor to increase its financial reporting and transparency. Annual financial statements are published and can be downloaded here.

Aera at glance

5,9 M€ Turnover (2020)
1,3 M€ Net result (2020)
28.5 M€ Aera valuation
12 Employees
65% Of shares capital owned by the founders and 35% by Arise IS (JV between Olam and AFC)
Paris Head office
2015 Established in
812 807 329 000 14 Registration number
PwC Statutory auditor

Portfolio performance

10 MT Total volume traded (CO2 eq.)
3 MT Total volume issued (CO2 eq.)
20 M€ Amount paid to project developers
420 Transactions closed
39 Projects contracted
14 Countries
3,1 MT Annual supply (CO2 eq.)
6.4 M People impacted