Aera group announces strong growth in financial results for 2018.
PRESS RELEASE | Aera group announces strong growth in financial results for 2018.

Aera Group SAS, the first carbon credits originator in Africa, announces growing financial
results for its third year of operation.


2017 : EUR 841 010

2018 : EUR 1 292 039


2017 : EUR 251 072

2018 : EUR 404 321

PROFIT: +68%

2017 : EUR 176 417

2018 : EUR 296 030

The year 2018 have been marked with positive developments for both activitie of Aera Group. Our 2018 turnover is mainly based on trading operations (80%), the remaining revenues being generated by our advisory services (20%).

Advisory Services: Aera Group is advising a growing number of projects : 8 new ones were signed in 2018 raising the overall portfolio amount to 42 projects in 19 countries, among which 22 are commissioned (and able to generate carbon credits). The current portfolio saves an estimated 2 M tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Carbon credits trading : Slight increase in traded volume : above 800 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions equivalent were transacted in 2018 (+10% on year-to-year basis). Sales are mainly executed in Europe but diversification in buying channels has now started with Asia.

The number of signed contracts has increased, showing a strong commercial activity over
the past year, and reaching an overall value of EUR 2.2 M (firm commitments).

The carbon market, very much linked to the regulatory framework, is still under tension. However positive signals are supporting long term demand :

COP24 marks constructive progress in global climate action although discussions struggled on market
mechanisms – due to technical definition debate – and were deferred to COP25.

A growing number of cap-and-trade CO2 schemes such as China, Colombia, Mexico or South Korea, allow the use of carbon credits (but most of them restrict this provision to domestic units).

Several African countries have expressed their commitment to carbon markets : Morocco, Côte
d’ivoire, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa).

The aviation sector is drafting the final rules to be applied by airlines under the CO2 cap-andtrade
CORSIA regime. Other sectors, such as maritime industry, are considering similar approaches.

Considering our results in 2018, the positive market outlook and regulatory environment, Aera Group
forecasts a EUR 2.5M turnover in 2019 for a net result target of EUR 700K.

Aera Group is first carbon advisor and trading firm in Africa. Sales of carbon credits generate additional revenues for low carbon project developers (renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste treatment) and contribute to technology transfer and local communities empowerment.

Aera Group advises a portfolio of 42 projects in 19 countries saving 2 MT of CO2 equivalent per year.