Pioneer Agreement Between Aera Group And SOMELEC For Carbon Finance In Mauritania.
ADVISORY | Pioneer Agreement Between Aera Group And SOMELEC For Carbon Finance In Mauritania.

Major development for Aera Group in Mauritania: 3 new projects signed with state-owned grid utility SOMELEC. The framework contract covers carbon certification support services and a 10 years carbon credits purchase for Nouakchott 30 MW wind farm (operational), Nouakchott 50 MW solar PV (under commissioning) and a 100 MW wind farm (under development). These projects avoid the use of fossil fuel and save 350,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

« SOMELEC is proud to contribute to global climate change mitigation by fostering clean technologies in Mauritania. Renewable energies are competitive, reliable, afordable and clean. They will help our country to diversify its energy mix. The clear political will expressed by the President of Mauritania, HE Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz, streamlined the outcomes by mobilizing all ressources to breakthrough a total of 200 MW renewables accross the territory in few months time. Climate finance is a tool that help reach our goals. We are in line with the Paris Agreement and welcome any green investment in the country. » Mohamed Salem Ahmed, CEO, SOMELEC.

« This major deal enlarges our carbon credits supply in a qualitative manner with a new African country entering our portfolio and with high profile technologies involved. These projects will be also the first ones to benefit carbon finance in Mauritania. Additional revenues will help the country to increase its efforts. »  Aurélie Lepage, CEO, Aera Group.

Aera Group advises +40 carbon credits projects in 18 African countries among which 36 are registered and a dozen issues regularly carbon credits. Thank to the carbon assets, Aera Group generated  +3 M. EUR of revenues for renewable energy, waste treatment, fuel switch and energy efficiency projects in Africa.